"Personally, I would describe Mr. Sharon as a true subject matter expert. He delivered an extremely well-organized, professional and informative seminar. The feedback that I received was outstanding. Mr. Sharon connected very well with the diverse group of staff members in attendance." Click here to read the entire testimonial.

Gil Neuman
CEO, Kent Services


"In my opinion based on several years of experience working together, Daniel Sharon has proven he has excellent leadership, coaching, and customer service skills. His efforts have led to success on a continual basis. He is effective in developing strong relationships with clients and peers by consistently working with class and respect. I strongly recommend his services to anyone seeking customer service programs. Please feel free to reach out to me should you desire to speak about Daniel any further." Click here to read the entire testimonial.

Gene Gomberg
Chairman, FirstService Residential


"I know your clients will benefit from your vast prior experiences. Having worked with you, off and on, for almost 20 years, I know you bring the talent and professionalism which will assist communities who wish to improve the services they provide to their owners and guests. From the first time we met, while at your position as manager of Portofino on South Beach, you projected the confidence and drive required of a leader." Click here to read the entire testimonial.

Tom Roses
Former President, The Continental Group, Inc.


"I am very pleased to hear that you have decided to create Regency Consulting Services to apply your years of experience, energy and excitement towards ensuring complete customer satisfaction for your clients. Turnberry Ocean Colony was then an exemplary Community not only on the Sunny Isles Beach row of luxury hi-rise towers but all along the South Florida coast. What a joy it was for me to visit you and the Community just a few months after you assumed leadership there. The staff was completely transformed, residents were smiling and even the Developer was more than cooperative in assisting YOU to resolve problems." Click here to read the entire testimonial.

Stephan R. Titleman
Former President, The Continental Group, Inc.


"It was my pleasure to attend Daniel's workshop focusing on 'Flawless Customer Service' last week. Not only did I watch and listen to Daniel's presentation but I was able to observe the other attendees. As a critic to the presentation I must applaud Daniel in achieving balance of organization of material, context, and delivery skills. An accomplished speaker he commanded the room and interaction. I am most pleased with the presentation and the bar of standards established. I highly recommend this presentation to be continued and available to other property staffs." Click here to read the entire testimonial.

Glenn Gray
Executive Manager, Aventura Marina II Condominium


"I have had the pleasure of working with Daniel Sharon over the last 5 years. He is the most professional, professional I have ever worked with. My company provides insurance to over one thousand commercial customers and Daniel stands out amongst the many management teams we have a relationship with. The reason I am so confidently able to say this is: 1. His attention to detail. 2. His diligence and follow through. 3. His ability to forecast and anticipate. Daniel makes the lives of his business partners that much easier. There is much I have learned from him." Click here to read the entire testimonial.

Andrew Spargo, CPCU, AAM
President, Smith Watson Parker Insurance


"From inception to execution, Daniel's focus was not to just streamline operations but to ultimately enhance services for the residents. It is no surprise that many of the properties that Daniel has led are still the standard for exceptional service today." Click here to read the entire testimonial.

Robert Cancel
Chief Operating Officer, NFC Amenity Management

"I want to thank you for the outstanding training sessions that you provided to myself and the members of the Miami Beach Chamber staff. The Chamber of Commerce is of course in the customer service business as are all membership based organizations and the training that you provided to us was exceptional. It took us from the ordinary to the extraordinary in terms of understanding the impact that each member of our staff has on not only on one another but on our membership as a whole.
I can honestly recommend to any business leader trying to get the most out of his or her team that engaging Daniel for a couple of sessions will be well worth the investment."

Jerry Libbin
President & CEO, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce


"It is with great pleasure to call Daniel a friend and a business mentor. His insight and advice on developing service focused cultures in companies and how to develop teams that execute on delivering optimal customer service is invaluable. In one way or another, Daniel worked with over 50 of my employees and without exception left an impression on each even after they moved on. Today, we have retained Daniel to train our senior executive team at Park One and also to help with our training program." Click here to read the entire testimonial.

Bijan Eghtedari
CEO, Park1


"Everyone calls him Mr. Sharon because when you meet him you know you are dealing with a true professional. My co-workers and I have worked as vendors in many buildings that Mr. Sharon has managed over the years and in each case there has been environment of mutual respect fostered by Mr. Sharon. Respect is most certainly a trademark of a Sharon Managed Building. Mr. Sharon has always been among the most demanding of managers but he is able to convey that in the most positive manner. Anyone who has worked in and around the more prestigious properties in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties for the past 20+ years is well aware of Mr. Sharon and his management success." Click here to read the entire testimonial.

Carl M. Lender
Executive Vice President of Sales, Hotwire Communications


"This letter serves as acknowledgement and appreciation for the outstanding work you have done with our officers. The Customer service workshops and leadership seminars you created and hosted were unparalleled. Our clients have shared their positive experiences and commended the 'WOW' factor we bring forward company wide." Click here to read the entire testimonial.

Rony Joseph
Sr. Vice President, Platinum Group Security


"I have known Daniel Sharon for approximately nine years. His dedication and demand of excellent service earned him the respect of his clients, and the experience was full of lessons for anyone that was up to the challenge of earning his respect. When I say I look at Daniel as not only a mentor, but a great friend to have in the hospitality industry. I recommend Daniel to anyone who is looking to raise the bar on service level and efficiency, and would like to have a good time doing it." Click here to read the entire testimonial.

Benton Launerts
National Sales Director, Kent Services


"With any business relationship, the goal is to create a partnership of trust and mutual understanding. I am happy to say that Daniel was always the epitome of professionalism in all that he does and it is with great admiration for him that I write this testimonial." Click here to read the entire testimonial.

Adam Luckey
Branch Manager, ThyssenKrupp Elevator


"He [Daniel] continues to make people believe in themselves more than they had ever imagined possible. Merely getting the job done is too simple a task for Daniel. Getting the job done right is the only option when teaming up with him, and I know few others in this rarefied arena that I can say that about." Click here to read the entire testimonial.

Mitchell Berkman
Spa Director, Villa Grande at Porto Vita - Aventura, Florida