The most common questions about leadership development programs is: “How do I know I will get a return on my investment?”   Underlying that question is basically how do you have a leadership development program that will transfer the learning to actual behavior on a daily basis.

Regency Consulting Services Championship in Customer Service development programs focus on honing the knowledge and skills necessary to raise the bar on Customer Service experience in any organization. Excellence in Customer Service is becoming competitively paramount in every industry, from giant conglomerates to small ‘mom & pop business. We focus and successfully implement the fundamental principles necessary to improve service attitude, communication, inter-departmental interaction, teambuilding strategies, employee’s motivation, overall performance and more. We help business create and maintain a service culture designed to produce the “WOW”-factor and thereby achieve higher scores on customer loyalty and engagement. Bottom-line increase will become a by-product of the cooperative training and consistent implementation.

Regency Consulting Services leadership development programs focus on developing the knowledge and skills necessary to develop leaders in your organization so they can achieve desired results through the people they lead. We emphasize goal setting and goal achievement as the foundation of successful leadership. In addition, we focus on attitudes and habits, which are the multipliers of performance. Maximizing the performance of the leadership in the organization depends on developing all five of these components (skills, knowledge, goals, attitudes, and habits). This means you have a return on your leadership training investment.

Regency Consulting Services first assesses the current state of the leadership team. This can be done through a variety of ways including individual leadership evaluation. It is critical to assess the current state before developing a customized approach to reach the desired state. This customized approach allows you to have focused leadership development programs that are targeted to your specific needs. This is not at “one size fits all” approach.

The foundation of our customized leadership development programs is our Leadership Development Process (LDP).   We have the Basic version which is designed for the emerging leaders that are new to their leadership positions. We also have the Advanced version of LDP for seasoned leaders.

Because we customize a solution for you based on the initial assessment, we can take modules from both versions if that is needed to meet your needs.

Leadership is about setting a direction for your organization and having the ability to gain commitment from others to go in that direction. The leadership team of any organization must: be able to create a vision and strategy, develop short and long-term goals, and most importantly conduct business based on a set of core values. When leadership development training is done correctly, a leadership culture is created where the leaders empower, engage and align the employees to maximize performance and achieve the organization’s desired results.

Regency Consulting Services leadership development programs are designed to engage your leaders so they embrace the vision and execute the strategic plan. When your leaders develop the skills, knowledge, and goals coupled with the right attitude and habits, they will clearly understand their role and contribution to the overall success of the organization, and perform at the highest level. Only when your leaders perform at this highest level, can commitment and engagement be gained from the remainder of the organization.

Leadership development training is about training and developing your leadership team to create environments where people are engaged and fulfilled in the work they do on a daily basis. In addition, people produce outstanding results in these types of environments. Imagine the possibilities! When you organization has the right people doing the right jobs led by effective leaders, results happen.

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