Businesses who are anticipating the needs and expectations of the Patron* / Customer will not only survive the tsunami of demand of quality and Excellence in Service, but will also thrive and continue growing. Those who are not quite prepared…? Unfortunately, the odds of survival and growth are not in their favor.

The secret to secure genuine and enduring success is decoded by artfully synthesizing the new era of fast-paced technology with so called Customer Service 101 “Back-to-Basics”.   The notion of ‘hospitality culture’ and ‘excellence in service’ does not solely apply to five-star hotels, resorts, cruise ships, airlines or other similar establishments – it applies to ALL industries catering to customers. Customer Service trumps quality.

Customers should NOT compromise! Do not allow service providers to get away with delivering mediocre service! The name of the establishment or its products should have no contingency on the subject “Customer Service”. A roadside economy motel and a five-star luxury hotel may have different amenities to offer, but what they should have in common is uncompromised Excellence in Customer Service. For example: if your meal in a restaurant is not delivered as expected, call the manager! If the table is wobbling, complain about it! If the soup is not hot enough, send it back and the list goes on. In a supermarket or department store when you need to ask an employee a question, don’t feel that you are an imposition! That employee works there thanks to you, the Customer. If you need to find a certain item in that huge store, insist that the employee usher you to that department rather than giving you ‘GPS coordinates’.  Excellence should be expected and you should demand it. Excellence will promote Loyalty and Engagement among your customers and will also reduce the cost of sales and marketing.

*”Patron” [customer] in other Latin languages also means “Boss”. That is correct. The Customer is the Boss and he/she can fire every business owner by simply taking his/her patronage to someone else.

Spend time with your customer and they will spend more money in your business.