Mediocrity No More

“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but is too low and we reach it” Michelangelo

2017 = 10 = EXCELLENCE.

10 is predominantly used as the symbol of highest marks on Customer Experience surveys, which has become progressively ubiquitous for the past few years.

The question is asked; are we really fair and genuine when we fill out those computer generated surveys, or are we either overly critical or perhaps too cavalier or generous when checking the pertinent boxes?

Many of us think that by giving companies higher reviews, despite receiving mere mediocre service, that we are helping the person who extended the service to perhaps get a little bonus. That may be true in some cases, but we are definitely not helping the company improve their standards.

In Numerology, based on multiple and expertly conducted studies by gurus in this field, 2017 is forecasted to be a Prosperous and amazingly Successful year.

Each one of us can effectively contribute to uphold those studies, by starting to take better care of our Customers. Not in any particular order:


Answer the phone on the first or second ring!

Introduce ourselves!

Ask Customer’s consent before placing on hold!

Allow the Customer to hang-up first!

Greet the Customer First!

Display a congenial and welcoming attitude!

Dress our facial expression with a genuine smile!

Listen to the Customer with full attention!

Not interrupt or guess what the Customer wants to say!

Be patient with Customers who have a language barrier!

Usher the Customer to the desired department! [when applicable].

Offer alternatives!

Commiserate with the Customer’s problem!

Offer sincere apology! [when applicable]

Invite the Customer to return! –

Pay attention to the smallest details; they paint the big picture!

Return phone calls in the same business day! Apologize for any delay!

Respond to emails and other communication in the same business day!

Not assume when in a restaurant that all Patrons have ‘universal taste’ and preferences!

Recognize repeat Patrons and welcome accordingly!

Not load ice in a beverage before asking Patron about his/her preference!

Make sure the table is well supplied with the basics and not wait to be hailed for help!

Make sure the table is not wobbling! The Patron should not toil to stabilize it!

Not expect fat tips! Provide proper services to earn it!

Encourage Patron to return.

Remember that the Goal is not to just have Satisfied Customers, but rather Loyal Customers and better yet, Engaged Customers. We know the differences. Achievement; the coveted RRRR.

There is a wealth of information and wisdom disseminated by brilliant experts and authors. I highly recommend that businesses make it ‘their business’ to read some of this priceless material.

Investing more time in your Customer will save on your Sales & Marketing Budget.

Customer is Royal.

Happy and Super-Successful 2017