Once again, this is the time of the year when we recap the past year, sort out and reshuffle our priorities and traditionally make forecasted resolutions for the forthcoming year.

While the economy is still vastly in upswing and Real Estate is exploding with the burgeoning of luxury projects, and technology is leading and blazing trails into a new mind-boggling digital era and so much more, it begs the question; are we prepared for this mega undertaking from the Customer Service stand point?

Rising waves of demand for Customer Service are swiftly going to hit the coastline of every business, and those who are not prepared…oh well, we know what’s going to happen. This is not a prediction; it’s an evident reality.

I am not going to reinvent the wheel by stating that what really cements the relationship between Businesses [large or small] and their Customers is ultimately the Customer Experience.

Customer Service is not a department: It’s an Art which requires multiple skills and exceptional team-talent in order to perform it illustriously and display it as a masterpiece when interacting with Customers.

Businesses should endeavor to find the correct answers to the following questions and THAT should be a New Year’s Resolution: Renaissance of Customer Service.

Q: Is there any industry in the world that does not depend on Customers?

Q: Do we truthfully and confidently feel that we are ready to deliver the level of Excellence in Customer

Service which by all accounts should trump the delivery of quality and quantity?

Q: Do we really understand the value of our Customers?

Q: How do we get organized to galvanize and retain more Loyal Customers?

Q: How to become a Business Magnet?

Q: How to define, develop and amplify a vision for Customer’s needs.

Q: How do we transform a Satisfied Customer into a Loyal Customer then into an Engaged Customer?

Q: How do we disseminate and cultivate the Hospitality Culture in every industry?

Q: How do we eliminate mediocre Service and substitute it with Championship in Customer Service?

Q: How do we convert a Ranting Customer into a Raving Customer?

Q: How do we convert every situation and interaction with Customers into a Memorable Experience?

Q: How do we instill the ‘WOW’ in Customer Service induced by well-trained, gold-medal Champions in

Service? How to Woo first then Wow next?

Q: How do we identify ‘Detractors’ and ‘Passives’ and turn them into ‘Promoters’?

Q: How do we forge Relationships with Customers?

Q: How do we select, develop and maintain Employee Loyalty that will lead to Customer Loyalty?

Q: How do we exert utmost Leadership for ultimate results?

Q: How do we learn a little about our Customers thus knowing more what to sell them?

Q: Why are we losing Customers to the competition?

Q: How do we not just trump, but also trounce the competition?

Q: How do we stop our business from melting away due to loss of Customers?

Q: How do we map out a viable and enduring Customer Service and Retention Strategy?

Q: Are we ready to accept criticism and advice from professionals?

Q: Are we ready to accept that the ‘brain’ that caused the problem won’t be the one that fixes it?

Q: Are we ready to reach out to professionals in order to receive unbiased analysis and help?

Q: How do we ‘mobilize’ Customers to become our best ‘Sales Force’ and save in Marketing?

Q: How do we become better listeners and empathize with Customers?

Q: How do we improve Communication with our Customers? Not necessarily via better new ‘apps’.

Q: How do we strive to better understand the international travelers’ culture in the tourism industry?

Q: How do we deliver stunning Customer Service and achieve Miraculous Bottom-line?

Q: How do we achieve and retain the coveted 4Rs? Revenue-Retention-Referral-Reputation.

Q: Are we ready to make mistakes, learn from them and make good use of the outcome?

Q: Are we ready and receptive to evolutionary changes?

Q: Are we ready to recognize that Customers’ furious exposés get more attention than glowing


Q: Are we ready to display an engaging body language and Positive Attitude when attending to


Q: Are we ready to use the magic “Yes” when interacting with Customers?

Q: Are we ready to go ‘Back-to-Basics” rather than rely solely on technology?

Q: Are we ready to view our Customer as in the “Penn & Teller” show; to wit ‘Hard to Fool’?

Q: Are we ready to recognize that the concerted effort of Leadership and Teamwork wins the game?

Q: Are we ready to fortify our Brand?

Q: Are we ready to forego Perfection and foster Excellence instead?

I would recommend some supreme material and delightful books published by internationally renowned authors such as: Peter Drucker, Shep Hyken, Marshal Goldsmith, Ken Blanchard, Renee Evenson, Harvey Mackay, John Maxwell, etc. Just a few to mention.


“We are what we repeatedly do.

     Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit”

Aristotle: Greek philosopher.

Wishing you ALL a Happy, Safe and Successful 2016!