Customer Service 101

There is a distinctive common denominator amid successful or failing business: Customer Service

Businesses who are anticipating the needs and expectations of the new millennial generation will not only survive the demanding tsunami of excellence in service, but will also thrive and continue growing. Those who are not quite prepared…unfortunately the odds of survival and growth are not in their favor.

It is evident that the technology has a major impact in today’s businesses and life as a whole. Technology has created worldwide unity, but in the same time has imparted quite a bit of personal disunity.

Millennials’ expectations as customers have been formed chiefly by the natural evolution of the generational culture, by the fast-growing of online commerce, search engines and mobile connectivity.

The secret to secure genuine and enduring success is inherently found by artfully synthesizing the new era of fast-paced technology with so called Customer Service 101 “Back-to-Basics. People serving People.

The notion of ‘hospitality culture’ and ‘excellence in service’ does not solely apply to five-star hotels, resorts, cruise ships, airlines or other similar establishments. It applies to ALL industries which are catering to customers. And ALL means ALL. Customer Service trumps quality and it is the foundation of successful business.

50 empirical recommendations to consider for “Back-to-Basics”

  1. Be first to greet your customer.
  2. Create an excellent first impression.
  3. Be friendly, but maintain a professional etiquette.
  4. Make your customer feel welcome.
  5. Let your customer be the first one to put the hand out for a handshake when applicable.
  6. Answer the phone quickly [first or second ring only] and introduce yourself and the business’s name. People learn about you and your business from remote locations.
  7. Don’t place callers ‘on hold’ without their consent. Explain why.
  8. Be an excellent communicator.
  9. Usher your customer to the desired department, instead of giving him ‘GPS’ coordinates.
  10. Recognize your customers’ importance.
  11. Learn your customers’ name and repeat it in conversation.
  12. Listen to your customer attentively and don’t interrupt or rush into helping him.
  13. Answer repetitive questions, patiently and graciously.
  14. Know your job. Don’t fluster. Don’t equivocate.
  15. Return phone calls, emails and other correspondence to your customers in the same business day.
  16. Be punctual.
  17. Keep you promises.
  18. Don’t contradict your customer.
  19. Empathize with your customer.
  20. Admit and own your mistakes.
  21. Don’t provide excuses.
  22. Don’t blame the computer when customers complain.
  23. Apologize sincerely when customers lodge complaints regardless if directed to you or someone else in your company. It’s all about Team Success.
  24. Make amends when necessary.
  25. Feel compassion when customers vent their emotions.
  26. View challenging situations as opportunities to forge stronger relationship.
  27. Develop win-win relationship.
  28. Treat customers the way they want to be treated.
  29. Establish trust.
  30. See the most difficult customers as people not as problems.
  31. Make decisions that delight your customers.
  32. Walk the extra mile for your customers.
  33. Seek authoritative help when you don’t know the precise answer. Don’t guess it.
  34. Gain the customers’ acceptance.
  35. Reinforce the foundation of building relationship.
  36. Forge relationship with your customer.
  37. Ensure that each customer is not only satisfied, but becomes loyal and engaged. This is priceless.
  38. ‘Raising the bar’ on customer experience is more effective than increasing the sales team.
  39. Beware of customers who are too silent. Try to identify how they feel about your company.
  40. Remember that furious exposes get more attention than glowing testimonials.
  41. Manage your customers’ expectations and exceed them. Ensure a memorable experience.
  42. Use both heart and head.
  43. Relish in turning around negative customer interactions.
  44. Apply “CRM” – Customer Retention Management.
  45. Make Excellence your personal watchword! Do not compromise for Mediocrity!
  46. Seek guidance and mentorship when you feel overwhelmed by customers’ demands.
  47. All customers are VIPs. All customers are Royal. Treat all customers equally.
  48. Follow up with your customers; personally if the size of your business permits.
  49. Offer additional help after the conclusion of a transaction.
  50. Encourage your customers to return. Express genuine pleasure in having them as customers.


Spend time on your customers and they will spend more money on your business”- ds


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