In my previous posts I had listed a few of the most salient traits of What Makes a True Leader and some of the Major Causes of Failure in Leadership.

Great Leaders lead Successful Businesses and that can only be achieved by having Happy and Loyal Customers.

Excellence in Customer Service is becoming competitively paramount in every industry from the Fortune 500 conglomerates to the Small Mom & Pop businesses. Pamper your customer and your customer will reward you with his repeated patronage [loyalty] and will become the staunchest and the most cost-effective ambassador who will continue promoting your business.

Customer Service is a fundamental principle that should be instilled in every organization. The vast majority of businesses are constantly endeavoring to trump the competition by decoding the secret to Excellence in Customer Service. Many companies, primarily the large conglomerates, have now embarked on major campaigns purposely designed to promote and perpetuate Excellence in Customer Service.

Just a few highlights:

To qualify as an Olympic contender an athlete must not be just excellent, but totally outstanding. Only outstanding performers will ultimately win the coveted Gold Metal.

The same fundamentals apply in every industry and every sector. Customers are the ‘bricks and mortar’ who create and continuously build the foundation of all businesses.

Customer Service is a treasured culture and it must be preserved. Furthermore, in today’s era when advanced technology is appallingly increasing and taking over as a cost-effective surrogate to humanity, the antiquated Customer Service 101 must not be eclipsed by ‘cool apps’ or other digital widgets. Customer Service, ‘back-to-basics’ should prevail.

In order to build a true and enduring Championship in Customer Service the bar must be raised above the conventional levels of Good Service to Excellent and Outstanding Service. The goal is to distance the practices away from the levels of Mediocrity; i.e. [Good Service], and to elevate it to the levels of Excellence. That being said, Excellence should become an incurable contagion in every company, thus forging an impregnable relationship with the Customer who will reciprocate by becoming a Loyal and Engaged Customer.

The level of Outstanding Customer service may be obtained by Effective Leadership which is the main contributor in the process of building an enduring TEAM | Together Everyone Achieves More.

NPS: Net Promoter System described in ‘The Ultimate Question, 2.0’, by Fred Reichheld and Rob Markey is now predominantly implemented by large and smaller companies which understand that their main road to effective growth and profits[ = Success, ] is paved from nurturing relationships with the Customer.

The ‘Golden Rule’ further described by Fred Reichheld in his book it means that in order to be successful, companies put the Customer at the very Center of their Operations.

The passkey to open the vault to Championship in Customer Service: Keep the Customer Happy in a consistent and genuinely caring manner. Quote “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”. John. C. Maxwell.

Leaders all over the globe must hone their skills in developing the practice of Forging Relationships rather than Forming Relationships. They also must understand that building a loyal Team will in turn maintain a Loyal Customer for a very long-lasting and rewarding Relationship.

Championship in Customer Service. Every business can produce its Champions by following the aforementioned ‘Golden Rule’ principals. Organizations, large or small, should incessantly strive for Excellence and Outstanding Quality, which in turn will produce Quantity.

Quote from the patriarch of modern leadership, Peter Drucker; “Striving for Excellence is Motivating; Striving for Perfection is Demoralizing”.